Sad Mirror

The S.a.d Mirror

The issue

Every year, 12% of the danish population suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and of those, 75% are women. Symptoms include melancholy, fatigue, increased appetite, weight gain, depression, ... the list goes on.

The solution

The solution is daylight, which, during the danish winter, is sparse. Light therapy is a great supplement, but most people can’t find time to sit in front of a light therapy lamp every day. So, we decided to merge light therapy with morning routines and created The Sad Mirror; a vanity mirror that brings you a daily dose of sunlight.

The process

We prototyped all aspects of the mirror, from behavioural to technical, in collaboration with our target audience and industry experts. The prototype is made of polycarbonate melted into an organic shape allowing the light to shine through at 10.000 LUX which is the level of light needed to give a therapeutic effect.

Made in collaboration with Luna Pontoppidan and Mathilde Brandborg.

sad mirror sad mirror drawings sad mirror sad mirror sad mirror sad mirror sad mirror