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Do you see the red flags?

The issue

A staggering 118,000 women experience domestic violence in Denmark each year, with eleven women losing their lives at the hands of their (ex)partners just last year. This devastating reality is why we joined forces with Danner to raise awareness and help everyone recognise the warning signs of domestic abuse.

The idea

We raised red flags across the country; at bus stops and metro stations, in restaurants, bars and malls, shared them on social media, handed them out on the streets, and published them in national newspapers – all to make sure that next time anyone has a nagging feeling that something might be wrong with a sister, colleague, neighbour, or friend, they’ll recognise it as a red flag and know where to call.

The impact

The number of calls to Danner's open counseling increased by 9% during the campaign period. The campaign has lived on as their current communication platform at events like Folkemødet, Kulturnatten, etc. In 2023 it received the prestigeful award Sprogprisen for Best Visual Message.

CONCEPT / Cecilie Stjernholm, Ludvig Gårdh, Pawel Rogowski, Signe Krogh

COPY AND ART DIRECTION / Cecilie Stjernholm

DESIGN / Louise Lundvall

MOTION / Emilie Madsbjerg



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