heks vodka

Heks Vodka

The issue

Regenerative farming is a system of agricultural practices that support biodiversity and ultimately draw carbon from the air and store it in the soil as nutrition. Farming land owned by women is on average more biodiverse than land owned by men, but while 62% of Denmark is farming land, only 3,5% of that land is owned by women.

Regenerative farming vodka celebrating human- and biodiversity

That is why we created Heks ['witch']. A vodka made of grains from regenerative farming land owned and driven by women. Our name, identity and mission are inspired by witches; headstrong women who have always taken care of Mother Earth.

The range

The range is inspired by Mother Earth. She is depicted with three faces, one for each stage in life, each having a certain power; the exuberance of youth, the resilience of motherhood and the guidance of maturity. According to witches, these powers can be provoked by different herbs and flowers, and that is why Heks of Exuberance is infused with Lavender, Heks of Resilience is infused with Elderflower and Heks of Guidance is infused with Sage.

Product extension and activation

In Denmark we celebrate Sankt Hans evening by hosting a bonfire and torching a witch figure. Heks, of course, wants this practice to end and will release a limited edition water on this evening to light up the conversation while quenching thirst and flames.

Made in collaboration with Augusta Juul Bondo. 3D renders by Gustav Ditlev Sørensen.

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